Monday, May 11, 2009


I've emailed all of you! SO go see!!!
This blog is too dead.
What's the point of updating if no one comes here la.
I'm going to link all of you.
You better be here.
Other proposed outings:
Hunting @taman negara
jogging @ TTDI PARK
Buffet dinner
pls respond!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

PJ 1 & 2 BBQ Gathering

Ok this is going to be short.

People.Rock Band. Food.

The REd Dog is very observant.
Joanna Ho!

Too many cokes spoil the lamb.

highly cancerous.

thank God Jesus is our healer!

aaron trying to be intellectual at a BBQ party.
MAster BBQers

love love love the grilled lambs. stacey is too full to sit up properly.
compliments from the lamb and chicken,

and of course my lovely salad.

AT Nge Seong's place.


Pearly the Pearl attempting the drums!

mean girls.


Notice that there's something wrong with all the pictures?

That's because I'm not in it!

at the later part of the bbq...

three "'zaman purba" ppl were caught feasting on bbq-ed cockles!

One of them seemed happy to get caught on camera.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

PJ 2 Farewell Dinner

Sometime in February, we had a farewell dinner party for our dearest Cg leader- Christian the christian and also for the sweet Wen Ming who has left for Brisbane, Australia.
We had a scrumptious meal at the reputable and most cheap Chilli's.
MOst of us, if not all, had to avoid a flasher in 1 utama while we were on the way there!
(1 Utama has been funding and supporting the act of Flashing a lot lately- everywhere you go, there is a flasher.)
Group Picture!!!
The Girls-Pearly the Pearl, Wen Ming the Wonderful, Gloria d Great and Super Stacey!


we will miss you very berry merry much Christian!

now got less one christian on our group.

dont backslide ok!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

August 2008!

August 3rd: PASSION Conference!

August 29th - Sept 1st: POD Camp!

Ok. Your turn, Bernard.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

the faces of and then....

The original Bangsar't Chris look so young

PJ + Bangsar CG

PJ + Bangsar in Sam's house

PJCG 2nd service people

haha....PJ1 and PJ2 combined sabo Prisc session

PJ1,PJ2,Bangsar in Meant to Live!!

PJ2 people who went for the 2nd camp of.....can't remember the name of the camp....haha...well..sam still had lotsa hair then...

Girls of PJ2 and some random poser dude named patrick in UNLOCK camp....

I don't have the current pic of our cg....taken in POD camp? anyone care to add? hehe...

Friday, September 26, 2008

To Our Beloved CG Leader

A big hey from Glasgow, ppl.......i've always wanted to post something up but my internet connection back in Malaysia was really least Chris wouldn't be able to kill me once he sees this post...hehe....
So, since i wouldn be able to do anything or make any gifts for my beloved CG leader, Chris...I'll do a small tribute to him in this blog yeah.....I've always appreciated you Chris and I'm proud to have you as my CG leader...It's been amazing how much you've grown and how much I've grown under your leadership....CG has been my second family...and I'm already missing all of ya all...i miss going to Chris's house on

Chris, you've always been a supportive leader who never failed make us feel at home...

And it's amazing how you're always smiling..and how you see the bright side of everything..(plus your super uber lame jokes)

And how much you go to great lengths to send us off.....heheh

And how hard it's for us to say bye to you.....

And how hard it was for me to choose all those poser pics of yours...too many i tell ya....i'll prob post them up when i feel like it....haha....

But we still LOVE YA even when...

you're plotting your evil plan in a bowling alley...goodness know why

you're wearing your mouth mask in all places except your mouth

you're doing something with sam..eesh..go figure...

you're beaten by jet li

you're digging a geisha's nose?

you're having cookies for eyes

you can't see the glass door in front of ya

and etc...we all stillk love ya k!!!

So, here's a parting video to you...I hope you enjoy it...though it wasn't the complete set...such a pity...but ah's the thought that counts, right?